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Trainer Information


Danielle Cigol:

David Nicholson:


Phone: 973-292-2000 x 2159
Fax:  973-451-0304


Participation Status Form:  This form must be completed by the student/parent/guardian AND the overseeing physician for every doctor’s visit and/or hospital visit. It must be returned to the athletic trainers and the health office PRIOR  to return to activity participation. If a student athlete goes to a doctor and/or hospital, a medical note is REQUIRED for that student athlete to be able to return to their sport.

Concussion Protocol:   This form describes the MHS concussion management process in order to ensure all necessary precautions when handling concussions/head injuries. This is the MHS sports medicine team's medical plan of care.

Concussion Release: This form is for any student who has been referred for further evaluation of a potential concussion/head injury and must be filled out by the student-athlete's doctor and returned to our athletic trainers and health office.

Concussion Home Instructions:  This form helps provide at-home concussion management information for the student athlete and their parents/guardians. 


Graduated Return to Play Protocol: This is a step-by-step protocol the MHS sports medicine team uses to gradually increase mental and physical activity of the student-athlete to help ensure a safe return to full activity after a concussion diagnosis.


Impact Home Testing Instructions An Impact test baseline is expected for any student interested in participating in a Morristown High School sport.  The Impact test baseline is only valid for two years.

 NJSIAA Concussion Policy


Accident Form: To be filled out by coaches.